~ Restore the beauty and sincerity ~

Restore the beauty and sincerity (B.R. Newspaper “Narodne novine”)
In the premises of the Society for preserving Serbian culture and tradition, SKUT in Niš, exhibition of paintings by Suzana Stojanović is underway. It is the setting of the series “The Magical World of Horses”, in which the young artist for the first time in Niš, and the fifth time in her career, independently represents the lovers of fine arts. “With this exhibition I am offering audiences a magical world of horses, the world of nature and the beauty that we are all a bit forgotten”, says Suzana Stojanović, adding that her intentions and a kind of painting mission is that what is forgotten it again offers through her creativity. “I think that the task of the artist is to restore the audience the beauty and sincerity of experience. What I paint, namely lately mostly horses, I try to show as closely as possible I can, because this animal possesses an extraordinary beauty, elegance where nothing should be added, just needs to catch what is there, in front of the eye of the painter and the viewer”, she says about the model that is most commonly found in her paintings. Suzana has been painting since childhood. She is intensely painted by nineteenth year, and then suddenly, for reasons she could not explain, she left the easel. Just as she stopped painting, she suddenly returned to an old love, after thirteen years after the end of socializing with the paintbrush. The new passion for painting as a result gave five solo exhibitions in little more than two years.

~ Kas art the magical world of horses ~

▪ Kas art the magical world of horses (Miroslav Popović, The trotting almanac of Serbia, “KAS” art)
In a mysterious world of paintings portraits have always been the greatest challenge of all; silent guardians at the gates of the forbidden garden. Human nature can be seen both in the eyes and on the face of a man. The portrait is deprived of physical movement, but what makes a portrait a masterpiece is the spiritual inner world that is already reflected on our faces and in our eyes for the whole eternity. The invention of camera has made the portrait painters almost disappear from the world of art.
In the last century, in which the spiritual was transformed into the material, it seemed that the ultimate challenge to paint the intangible attracts artists less and less. And then, at the end of the 20th century, a young woman decided to start painting portraits of horses. Her name is Suzana Stojanović and she has been living in the world of magical realism of winged Pegasus and proud Bukefal for years. 

- A horse has always been the inspiration for the artists. Leonardo da Vinci himself said that not only painting a horse was a challenge, but that it also took a lot of courage to accept it - Suzana tells us. Up to know she has painted more than two hundred and fifty oils on canvas. She is using the oil pastel technique at the moment which won her the admiration of Dragan Malešević Tapi himself. 
- It’s done on the cardboard, colors don’t mix and not the slightest mistake is allowed. The work keeps on for days and nights, but my love towards horses makes me forget my great effort and hard work. A horse can be beautiful, but if you don’t give it your heart and soul it will never look alive in the painting, it will only remain “beautiful”.  
Full of life and beautiful Suzana’s portraits are horse psychology encyclopedia of its kind. Within vivid frames various moods of these long-legged animals are being captured by using a range of different colors, something that the greatest experts at the horses’ nature only feel intuitively but are often unable to express it. Suzana’s paintings can do that. It seems as if her horses spoke of their secret inner world which was galloping just beside our daily life and the world of oblivion, familiar to all of us, but indistinct as the thud of horses’ hooves in the blue distance, in the evening.

~ Painting exhibition the magical world of horses ~

▪ Painting exhibition the magical world of horses (S.L. Newspaper “Slobodna reč”)
- The pride and breed are the themes of these beautiful works, whose author represents a fine combination of a lady and an artist, who at the same time nurtures literature, music and painting. With these words painter Dragan Sotirović opened an exhibition named “The Magical World of Horses” in the gallery of the National University last Friday. Its author, Suzana Stojanović, was born in Vranje, but she lives and works in Niš. After she had finished High school of mathematics and technical science and High school of music, specializing in the violin, she studied literature even though painting remained her main passion. This extremely humble girl rarely speaks about her numerous domestic and international awards. Apart from the music festival awards and primary and secondary republic school competitions in match, physics and literature, she is also the youngest winner of the 7th September award in art of the city of Vranje. Maybe that was the crucial moment for her to devote herself to painting even though she is a graduate student of literature. - In order to paint a great painting, it is necessary to have knowledge of many fields, because that is the way of getting into the essence of what you want to present, says the artist who at the same time nurtures literature, music and painting. Literature and painting are the arts that complement each other and inspire each other, said this versatile artist. When asked who her role model when it comes to painting, this young artist firmly replied: Paja Jovanović. - He has a superb work. What he left behind is unique. You can spend hours looking at his work.

~ Imagination and faith in the existence ~

Imagination and faith in the existence (Stana Smiljković, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and the author of many textbooks on the methodology of language and literature)
Human nature is enigmatic and mysterious. Even man himself cannot reach its web in the depths, stray and lost thoughts and newborn ideas. Images of dreams emerge and warn, govern and protect. Consciousness exists to set a man straight. “All we have is ourselves, but we aren’t aware of how much we have”, says Suzana Stojanović, a painter and a writer, in one of her stories.
A word, as well as a painting, has its own power. They dignify, talk, warn and whip with that power. Misfortunes are overcome by words as well as harmony is shown through them. Out of the cosmic chaos, a word should come out as a winner, galloping. Suzana’s word on the existence and overpowering the chaos galloped its way out together with her horse paintings. The poetess doesn’t speak long and much. Even with silence she expresses the symphonies of her thoughts on the struggle of good and evil, on faith in the existence and the creation of our own lives, on the silence of solitude.
Faith in the existence is a supreme task that man has to accomplish. The unshakeable faith in the power of art and the wisdom of existence permeates the reflections expressed in one breath and one move. Obsessed both with the eternal struggle against the inhuman in man and sorrow because of the inability to protect our own personality from “nobody” in ourselves, Suzana Stojanović travels, worries, cries for help and warns the reason because “only imagination will go to eternity, taking with itself all of its secrets which have been hidden from ignorance and shortsightedness for centuries”.
The stories before us aren’t stories in literal and theoretical sense. They are more like thoughts on the wisdom of the existence of the real spirit, the balance of mind and body, a man’s desire to win the genuine human sense and true face. Being conscious of ourselves means being conscious of others as well. The struggle for the ideas which strengthen our spirit intertwines within the lines of lyrical prose, thus finding out with certainty the possibilities for a true survival. Suzana regrets the fact that “there are more and more evil men” while knowing that only the one with great heart wins, only the one who helps the lost and a better one, the one who believes in visions and hears the impossible. The winner sleeps inside us and waits for the bells to wake him up.
The imaginary awareness of the world is attached to the realistic one. Running away from the reality as the author sees it and the transmission into the world of imagination allows the author the unlimited freedom which belongs to her only; it protects her from the chaos that threatens to destroy the ultimate labyrinth, the human freedom of mind and spirit. And there, on encountering wonderful and fantastic landscapes and events in the stories, you should open and close the door with caution and fear. Even though the author believes in optimism, fear of the known and especially the unknown awakens her senses, her visions and she yields herself to the infinite word game and its meaning. There is Phoenix, Daedalus and Icarus, “The Prince and the Beggar”, good and evil to block the paths. There’s Suzana’s imagination with which she achieves a greater wisdom and a metaphorical vision of reality. With her paintings and stories she has created the world which is only hers, considering it a better one.