~ Portraits of horses ~

In a mysterious world of paintings portraits have always been the greatest challenge of all; silent guardians at the gates of the forbidden garden. Human nature can be seen both in the eyes and on the face of a man. The portrait is deprived of physical movement, but what makes it a masterpiece is the spiritual inner world that is already reflected on our faces and in our eyes for the whole eternity. The invention of camera has made the portrait painters almost disappear from the world of art.
In the last century, in which the spiritual was transformed into the material, it seemed that the ultimate challenge to paint the intangible attracts artists less and less. And then, at the end of the 20th century, a young woman decided to start painting portraits of horses. Her name is Suzana Stojanović and she has been living in the world of miraculous realism of winged Pegasus and proud Bukefal for years. 

- A horse has always been the inspiration for the artists. Leonardo da Vinci himself said that not only painting a horse was a challenge, but that it also took a lot of courage to accept it - Suzana tells us. Up to know she has painted more than two hundred and fifty oils on canvas. She is using the oil pastel technique at the moment which won her the admiration of Dragan Malešević Tapi himself. 
- It’s done on the cardboard, colors don’t mix and not the slightest mistake is allowed. The work keeps on for days and nights, but my love towards horses makes me forget my great effort and hard work. A horse can be beautiful, but if you don’t give it your heart and soul it will never look alive in the painting, it will only remain “beautiful”.  
Full of life and beautiful, Suzana’s portraits are horse psychology encyclopedia of its kind. Within vivid frames various moods of these long-legged animals are being captured by using a range of different colors, something that the greatest experts at the horses’ nature only feel intuitively but are often unable to express it. Suzana’s paintings can do that. It seems as if her horses spoke of their secret inner world which was galloping just beside our daily life and the world of oblivion, familiar to all of us, but indistinct as the thud of horses’ hooves in the blue distance, in the evening.
(Miroslav Popović, journalist and editor, The trotting almanac of Serbia, magazine “KAS” art)