~ Painting exhibition of Suzana Stojanović ~

- The pride and breed are the themes of these beautiful works, whose author represents a fine combination of a lady and an artist, who at the same time nurtures literature, music and painting. With these words painter Dragan Sotirović opened a painting exhibition of horses in the gallery of the National University last Friday. Its author, Suzana Stojanović, was born in Vranje, but she lives and works in Niš. After she had finished High school of mathematics and technical science and High school of music, specializing in the violin, she studied literature even though painting remained her main passion. This extremely humble girl rarely speaks about her numerous domestic and international awards. Apart from the music festival awards and primary and secondary republic school competitions in match, physics and literature, she is also the youngest winner of the 7th September award in art of the city of Vranje. Maybe that was the crucial moment for her to devote herself to painting even though she is a graduate student of literature. - In order to paint a great painting, it is necessary to have knowledge of many fields, because that is the way of getting into the essence of what you want to present, says the artist who at the same time nurtures literature, music and painting. Literature and painting are the arts that complement each other and inspire each other, said this versatile artist. When asked who her role model when it comes to painting, this young artist firmly replied: Paja Jovanović. - He has a superb work. What he left behind is unique. You can spend hours looking at his work.
▪ Painting exhibition of Suzana Stojanović (S.L., “Slobodna reč”, weekly newsletter)