~ Catch the Sun while it is still there ~

In the warm Egyptian sand, carved in the rocks of the plateau, in the light of the desert, a magnificent, awake, enigmatic, elevated head and eyes fixed upon the Sun, rests the Sphinx. Pensive, it watches and guards over the mounds of Pharaohs, as if it waits for them to wake up from a deep sleep. In the shadow of its existence there are miraculous pyramids, which, as if by their position and form, are trying to show us the way to some unknown world. Perhaps the image of that world at the time in which they were created was different from the one we see today, and maybe everything is the same, and we are not able to observe it the same way. Created in warm rays and the rivers of sweat, as if by their very existence they wanted to say something and show, and we have been struggling for centuries looking for answers to many questions. While we look at them with admiration, we are constantly accompanied by the feeling that something very important has remained trapped in their closeness and perfection. Stairs, built of large, heavy stone blocks, as if to say to us: “Get up, observe, see!” Following their silent instructions, we are constantly climbing and watching, but we do not see. As we wander through this unknown dimension, in which the path from birth to dying is shorter, as if we were waiting for answers to come from nowhere, and they may be around here, buried in warm sand, protected from time. If it were not words and speeches, this priceless treasure, which was the hardest to steal and hide, we could never fill the voids of many flows and events. One of the biggest voids, which we do not have with which to connect and compose, is constantly bringing us back to the beginning. Our eternal quest to find the place where the first leg has been set foot always ends without success. This quest will continue until the last day, until the Sun is extinguished in our eyes, and we may, even at these moments, try to catch the last spark of hope, the last word, or a sign that will lead us to this marvelous place. All our discoveries have suffered great damages over the centuries. At some moments, the only fortresses that resisted the attacks of time and savagery were sayings. Even the ones, most hidden, have ceased to be secret with time. They contain encounters with many unknown phenomena and miracles. Once upon a time, slaves said that in a sandstorm they lost one of the ancient stone slabs, with the inscription in the language of the Sun. There is the belief that it still rests somewhere near the pyramids, in deep layers of sand, protected by oblivion, and that everything on it is exactly the same as it was many years ago. In words, carved into their own destiny, it addresses an unknown time traveler in the hope that he will once discover and understand it: “You, man, who you may now be chained in the snow, coldness and darkness or bathing in the rays of life, stretches out your hand. Touch the beginning and the end of everything. Catch the part of nothing, because again may never come again. Maybe there will be no more time for discoveries. Discover now, look for some new Sun, embrace it and watch it as you keep the last drops of water in your palm. Look for it and where it rarely turns, you may be lucky enough to catch its rays. Catch the Sun while it is still there, while it’s still standing on the wall of your morning. Follow the signs while there is still light. Look for a new life, because it will not look for you. Happening by chance does not recur. It is eternal only moment; everything else will become oblivion. It will look like nothing has ever happened. In the black sky, there will be more black shades of trapped light. Ra will be deprived of all metamorphoses, and his presence will only be perceived in an elderly form that in the darkness seeks any trace of its pyramids, temples and obelisks. From his power and splendor, there will be only remorse that he created the Earth and you, man. He will no longer have the power to punish evil. Evil will extinguish the light. Still, there is hope. Light is an illusion. What you see has never been and will not be a reality. Reality is what you see in your heart. As long as there is light in it, there is hope for your salvation. Follow this light and you will always be on the right path. In front of you, some new worlds and new Suns will appear, for which you never could have imagined that they existed. Darkness will have to open once and put out some new sky. It may not be warm, nice and blue like yours, but there will be no fear in it. Eternal peace will prevail. Your soul will become tranquil.” And we, pensive and restless, while listening to stories of ancient times, continue to stand and watch the wonderful pyramids. Turning towards the Sun, we live in the hope that all the shadows will stay behind us, but they do not go away, do not disappear. They break the light. They do not allow us to catch what we strive for and constantly remind us that everything in this world has its own other side, which we can only see if we look at it from the right angle. Perhaps the greatest secrets of this world are hidden in these shadows, and perhaps the greatest discoveries are related to their movements. All we need is to know at what time of the day we should observe them. Long and short, flickering and calm, they may write a story about our homeland and the place where the first leg has been set foot. It is only the Sun that we need to catch the words of this story. The one that has given us life, and which we perceive as a blessing, but also as one great secret, has its dark side. While we are sailing lost in the cosmic ocean, that hell of hydrogen and helium gas sparks our cold sky and coloring it with a clear blue light, and we, its captives, are forced to circle around it in certain orbits until its last dying. We are constantly wondering how long it will wait for us, dreamy, every morning, how long it will be able to illumine everything that we have created and how long we will be able to catch its warm rays. We do not want to think about what will happen when it once goes forever and when eternal darkness prevails. While it looks at us through the branches and clouds, we play with the blessings that it has given us; we unbridled and brutally extinguish the brightness and light, life and joy. Unaware of the fact that our destiny is in its rays, we do not notice that a world that flourishes in life slowly disappears around us. It looks as though we have peacefully given up that world without fighting and resisting. Once, when the last ordinary day comes, when our world becomes silent, and the bare truth, when we are burning in our own destiny, we will remember all those little joys that made us alive. Then there will be no time to understand. The Sun will cover a large part of the sky, it will hit our hills, and we will not be there to touch it. There will no longer be any living being that will be able to rejoice in its birth. There will no longer be the last obelisk that could have led us to our homeland. Somewhere in the distance, it will remain for a long time to shine Sirius without our presence. It will be the only witness that we are once light and flashing on a beautiful, blue planet. If only we wanted more and that we tried harder, we could build stairs to our new tomorrow.
Catch the Sun while it is still there, author Suzana Stojanović, November 15, 2017