~ Collectors of information ~

Some people’s job is to know. Of all the professions in the world, they chose just this. You can offer them huge sums of money to change it, but they will never do it. Their satisfaction in the performance of this interesting job is priceless. They are the only collectors of invisible things. Many know that their collections exist, but they can not steal them. Everything what we accidentally or deliberately allowed going down the river of life, they carefully collected at the confluence. Their job is not easy. In today’s world, full of lies and deception, to the right information is hard to come by. We are constantly surrounded by them, but we’re not sure which of them are true. Therefore, there are people whose job is to know. They’ll make our life easier and save our valuable time. They even know about our lives more than us. Some have tried to buy information about themselves from them, but unsuccessfully. There are not examples in their collections that can be purchased with money. Some of these examples you can have, if only in exchange for them, you offer them a really extremely rare finding. They collect and sell old information for new. They will always draw out a lot more from you than they will give back to you, because they consider that their information is very valuable. Only they know what they have to give up everything in order to get some untouchable things and what the weight of cargo that they carry on their backs is. Although they are often insignificant and inconspicuous, collectors are very powerful people. They are always on the places where something is happening, but rarely participants in the event. When someone talks about something interesting, they like to listen, but rarely participate in discussions. They rarely answer questions, but often ask. They like to observe and to study. Thousands and thousands of information flowing into their lake, and it was never full. They are able to spend years in the assembly and disassembly of their invisible collections, until everything is brought into place. Armed with patience and insight, they never give up. They always wait for the right moment to reveal what they know. These are the moments in which they live and work. It is a satisfaction for all their strenuous research. Curiosity is their only vice, and secrets are their only enemies. Only unknowns can confuse and surprise them, especially if they take them on a journey that they did not want to go. Although they never show, they are jealous of those who have more knowledge of them. They are particularly jealous and envious if this is just one link in the knowledge that they lacked to relate some stories and events. Obsessed with their interesting work, they are unable to resist any challenge that they meet. Some of these challenges can be fatal. Despite numerous threats and blackmail, collectors have never been able to be cured of their only one dependence curiosity. It leads them through life and constantly harassing them. They are always afraid that they know little and can not be stopped. Some of them were killed because knew too much. Heraclitus said that to know many things do not mean to be wise. Collectors of information may not be wise. It is enough that they are persistent, and they will discover many interesting things.
Collectors of information, author Suzana Stojanović, December 8, 2016