~ The books of promises ~

There are less reading rooms and libraries in the world today. Books are slowly disappearing from the shelves and with them the treasure of knowledge. History, philosophy, art, science, fairy tales and legends were replaced by walking screens and stories from the forums. People are less eager to learn, and they want more sensations. Even those, who were until recently firmly standing on the pillars of true value, began to give way before the onslaught of new flows. The principle, dignity and tradition are words that are slowly disappearing from our vocabulary. And without noticing, step by step, we become part of the single-mindedness. There is less diversity and more similarities. Once upon a time, the greatness of a man was measured by his knowledge, and today is measured by his jumps. Traces of wisdom can be found only in inaccessible slopes of the new world. They wait for a new generation to go looking for them. However, not everything is as hopeless as it seems. On the old shelves are still standing books that have survived all the wars and all the decay of civilization and society. They have survived by virtue of the loyal readers, who have always carried them on their life journeys. You can find them in all libraries and in all parts of the world, even on ships, airplanes and trains. They differ from other books by beautifully decorated scabbard. Gold letters, ornaments, ribbons, stars, flowers and butterflies attracted the attention of curious readers. Rare are those who can resist their charms. They are read so many times, so you can never find dust on them. They shine and sparkle as if they were just now emerging from the printing house. Their journeys are never ending: they travel constantly from one hand to another, from millennium to millennium. These are the books of promises. Only in them, we can read what nobody ever told us, and we wanted to hear. In today’s times, man is eager to everything. Someone rarely promises him something, and even more rarely he fulfills. Therefore, there are books that promise both possible and impossible. Although cheap, the words from its pages attract us like a magnet. Attractive titles and beautiful illustrations lure us to peer deeper into the texts. Only in these texts we can find answers to all the questions and solutions to all of our life’s mysteries and doubts. Their writers are very talented, imaginative, intelligent and eloquent. Each generation gives birth to new talents, who continue the tradition. The power of their words is so strong that they can persuade us to believe in the impossible. Only they can promise us something, and to fulfill this promise we wait until the end of life. You will recognize them by the ridicule in the eyes and the smile that they do not take off from their faces. They are very friendly, communicative and persuasive. They are constantly on some trips and research. Their whole life is the study of people and their characters and reactions. They’re watching us as we read, and they tell us only what we want to hear. They promise us what we imagine, and they are manipulators of our wishes. Inspired by them, they turn them into their own reality. Everything in their lives seem easy to achieve and the attainable. We look at them with admiration. Some people just prefer to believe, and they are the most dedicated readers of their books. They are ready to devote large sums of money to buy them. Although often cheated and deceived, they read them again, constantly thinking they are something accidentally missed and that their wishes fulfilled in a new book. Many lives start on the pages of these books, so the end: they fly on the wings of imagination until they get tired. Satisfied writers continue tirelessly promise, but people remain thirsty while crossing the water. A Serbian proverb says that promise makes a fool happy. Is that so?
The books of promises, author Suzana Stojanović, November 16, 2016