~ Song of the sea ~

Our views and thoughts often reach only what is near. Sometimes, the distances are not so far away as it seems. Maybe we can not see them and imagine, but we can hear them. In the silence of uncertain days, they sometimes occur to us in strange sounds. Something unknown blinks in us. We feel that we are part of something unfathomable. In this vast empire of infinity, there is a distance that takes us to worlds that were once there. While we’re standing on a small island in the middle of endless sea, we hear it calling us. We shuddered, a strange feeling enveloped us. Unknown memories wake up in us. One part of our beings realizes that this is the call of the place where we come from. Often we want to go back there, but we do not know the way. Our long ago left traces erase the waves of one sea. Our beginnings were washed away thousands of rivers that flow relentlessly into its space. Each new generation takes a bit of land that sea. After many years it was only one song without words, older than our tracks. Its composers are unknown. Adorned with pearls, it was born a long time ago in the empire of nebulae with the first drop of deep space. If we listen more carefully, we can hear their refrains in shells and corals. Its verses sung wings of seagulls and dolphins jumping. Flocks of amazing fish are its choirs. Waves are its players. The tide gives it strength, and ebb takes it. We are trying to understand it, to find its sources, but still we just listen to it from the coasts. Unique and wonderful, this is the only song that the man was not able to sing. Those who are given up to sail its sea, say that they are not thwarted continents, but its unknown depth. However, we often fall into the temptation to explore it, but our curiosity overcomes the fear that we would lose it. While we sway on its waves, we wonder where they come from and where they go. Maybe they know the path that will lead us to our lost traces. Once, in the distant future, we may learn its secrets in the depths of our mind, and perhaps it is better to leave it to echo on the waves in all its beauty and infinity. We are privileged because we had the opportunity to hear it. One day, when all the songs ceased, and when all the lands become the sea, we will get back to it.
Song of the sea, author Suzana Stojanović, September 29, 2016