~ Galloping horses ~

Suzana Stojanović’s pictorial obsession is galloping horses and the universe. She is a versatile artist and a composer, and she also studies astronomy. Her paintings are parts of private collections in Serbia, America, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. She paints horses and makes an in-depth study of their anatomy, she writes short stories and prepares a book called “Following Old Masters”, where she gives a detailed description of her long-term experiences and experiments, different techniques, making sketches and paintings.
Where does your artistic obsession with horses stem from?

- You do not choose your subject topic, it chooses you. With their beauty, intelligence and grace, horses chose me to paint them and enter their world. Horses are romantic, fluttering and fabulous. While I am painting them, I feel like I am diving towards the bottom of the sea, and when I finish every part of their slinky body, it is like I am collecting the precious stones from the bottom of the sea. The most difficult part is to paint the ambience because it has to be their background; to stress their every movement, to understand their message. The greatest mystery is to grab the unattainable, to grab something that cannot be gained just by using a good technique, but by something that we carry in ourselves and that can only be seen by us.

Will your first animated movie be dedicated to horses and their anatomy?

- A horse is a mystery for me, just like man is. We still do not know it enough, and we understand it even less. Maybe my future works will reveal more of what is hidden in that unusual creature. My first animated movie will be based on one of my mysterious stories.

Does your art change the world, the individuals or you?

- I work with the finest and loneliest part of the soul. I try to see with my heart. The meaning of my painting is to give people new worlds, to weave the light sky for them and perhaps to warn them sometimes.

Who has your paintings in Montenegro? Have you had an exhibition in Budva?

- The names of people who have my paintings and drawings as part of their private collection will be a secret. Even secrets make life richer, don’t they? I have not had an exhibition in Budva, but I would love to.

What do you think about Montenegro artists and Montenegro mentality? Are they close to you?

- Montenegrins are people who help people in trouble. I still believe that “manhood and bravery” is important for them.

Are you afraid of being old?

Instead of answering, here is one thought of Leon Blum: “A citizen is a pig that wants to die of old age”. The only thing I don’t really marvel, and that I accept as inevitable is death. That is why I create, in order to overshadow the idea of it.
Do you believe in love that saves the world from collapsing?

- I do believe in love, but nowadays it seems to be an instant product. Everlasting love can only be found in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Such love can move mountains, as well as save the world from the evil created by people. Love is also called God and this is why it can do everything.

What do you daydream about?

- Childhood is the most beautiful dream. Dreams and dreams come after that, dreams that take us between stars and rocks and lead us through life. I often dwell in my dreams but I never forget to come back from them.

The piano, literature, painting, astronomy... Where do you usually find yourself?

- There are so many skies I can land. I don’t want each of them to slip away from me, because that is the only way that makes me complete. Halldor Laxness said once that the one who searches only for the goal cannot see the beauty of what he does. Music, as well as a painting or even a good book tell stories that the whole world understands. That is why I love all these arts and I am going to work on them.
Interview: A painter Suzana Stojanović is attracted to secrets of the universe, obsession galloping horses (journalist S. Mirčić, “Revija D”, Budva, Montenegro)