~ Restore the beauty and sincerity ~

In the premises of the Society for preserving Serbian culture and tradition, SKUT in Niš, exhibition of paintings by Suzana Stojanović is underway. It is the setting series of the horse artworks, in which the young artist for the first time in Niš, and the fifth time in her career, independently represents the lovers of fine arts. “With this exhibition I am offering audiences the world of nature and the beauty that we are all a bit forgotten”, says Suzana Stojanović, adding that her intentions and a kind of painting mission is that what is forgotten it again offers through her creativity. “I think that the task of the artist is to restore the audience the beauty and sincerity of experience. What I paint, namely lately mostly horses, I try to show as closely as possible I can, because this animal possesses an extraordinary beauty, elegance where nothing should be added, just needs to catch what is there, in front of the eye of the painter and the viewer”, she says about the model that is most commonly found in her paintings. Suzana has been painting since childhood. She is intensely painted by nineteenth year, and then suddenly, for reasons she could not explain, she left the easel. Just as she stopped painting, she suddenly returned to an old love, after thirteen years after the end of socializing with the paintbrush. The new passion for painting as a result gave five solo exhibitions in little more than two years.
Restore the beauty and sincerity (B.R., “Narodne novine”, daily newspaper, Niš)