~ The Devil sleeps in us ~

A Chinese proverb says that good and evil do not come alone, but as we hail them. No one can load up to someone so much pain to the neck as the man himself. Without thinking, he arrogantly spills their dark visions inflicts harm to people and other living creatures, and which is worst of all he has no regrets. Tireless in violation and humiliation of other people, he is convinced that it is the only true path to a target known only to him. On this dirt road he never stops, not reckless, not reviewed. Thus tainted, he continues noisy and not knowing that there is still sleeping beasts that do not need to wake up. He is convinced that the beasts exist only in fairy tales, and that reality is only what he sees and hears. Surrounded by fog wickedness, greed, selfishness, envy and hate, he can not see a single beast, the oldest and most dangerous of all the other beasts. This beast was born with the first living being and will live until the last life goes out. We do not see it, hear it, but we know that it exists. Hidden from view, it’s sleeping somewhere deep within us. It is rarely wakes, but when it wakes up it is more dangerous than the dangerous known to us. Unstoppable, it destroys everything in its way, and goes all the way, until it collapses all that disturbed its sleep. Behind it, there is only desolation. This beast is called the Devil. For done evil he returns evil, for the suffering he caused suffering returns, for demolition done he returns ruins, for treason he treason returns, start the game he continues to play. The blade of his sword felt those who were viciously played with his life and his happiness. He has countless characters and masks. His collection is rich. At its centuries-long life’s journey, he collected everything that he thought was interesting and usable. His ways are strange, it is impossible to detect them. His thoughts wandered the streets of hell and his game is harsh: he begins it, leads and ends. Windows with which he watches us are unknown. Maybe we met him in passing today, we might have seen him in some pretty sight, we might have dreamed it, maybe admired him. There are people who see him everywhere and in all, and they do not realize that the Devil reveals his face only when he wants to be seen. Those, who recognize him, are trying to remember when they awoke him. The Devil is relentless, ruthless, unpredictable and creative. Some people never realize that they are not supposed to wake him. Some understand, but too late to turn their steps to correct done. It will be too late for all of us when everything turns into a desert one day.
The Devil sleeps in us, author Suzana Stojanović, November 24, 2015