~ Voices of angels ~

Leonardo da Vinci said that nature is the only subject of the study of art, science and philosophy, and that everything that is metaphysically or unearthly is the subject of the study of false doctrines, in which he, in addition to astrology and alchemy, included theology. Some people disagree with his opinion. They believe that there are many unknown dimensions, wonders and unearthly beings outside of time and space, whose nature is more sensitive than human and for which humanity is still not ready enough. In these unknown dimensions, in their opinion, reside and angels, whose presence people sometimes feel, but do not find enough adequate words to describe these feelings. They feel their presence in a sense of safeness, warmth, consolation, refreshment and protection. Some, still a mysterious sense for man, meets with them in thoughts and predictions, and calls them in difficult moments. These encounters occur in some unknown places, with no surroundings and any known traces of life. In these places, earthly laws are not governed. Only divine spirits and ethereal angels dominate, whose voices and incorporeal bodies move freely in all directions and levels. Their kingdom is not limited. It is as spacious as the light. The human being has never been able to imagine and understand this infinite, which is increasingly moving away from us. If everything starts and ends somewhere, then nature has its beginning and end. What’s behind that end? What’s out of Nature? Does another world start there, who can only see the selected ones, or see many, but they can not describe it? Does the shape and matter really exist or are they recognized only by our senses? Perhaps our inception and development is influenced by some intangible soul, created before anything else? Descartes, Leibniz and Newton thought that there is an immortal human soul and a transcendent god. By Descartes, the only certain reality is conscious being and everything else is suspicious: both the data sent by the senses, the existence of the outside world, and even the existence of physical existence. He presupposes the existence of a perfect being that connects the body and mind, material and spiritual. All the great philosophers had a similar opinion that there is some eternal principle by which the world is made, which only needs to be discovered by some, still unknown method. Giordano Bruno, who ended up in flame because of his beliefs, assumed that there is an unlimited number of worlds that are scattered over infinite cosmic spaces and which emerge and disappear at certain intervals. What connects these worlds? Is it just time or some kind of invisible network? If today everything is provable and transparent, why there are still many questions that no one has answers? Perhaps the answers are silent, and it may be too difficult to explain various psychic phenomena and sensory experiences? Perhaps it only takes a long time before our mind can recognize the Creator. A man sometimes does not want to face the fact that he can influence himself and the world around him only to the extent that moves within the limits of his knowledge. His mind does not want to see reality. He constantly fights with it and seeks some new forms of spiritual life that can lead him to the light. He leaves himself to hallucinations and some strange metaphysically and unearthly search adventures. It seems to him that he hears some unknown voices that govern his being. From this feeling of his own helplessness and dependence on some higher powers, fantasies about powerful gods and their messengers angels, who rule and govern his life, are born in him. He is convinced that his fate is in the hands of divine powers and beings and that bringing him closer to those higher powers will make him immortal, arbitrary, unconstrained, dignified and exalted. Cervantes said that the size of the monument decreases when we move away from them, and that the size of people diminishes when we approach them. Some people are constantly living in the belief that, due to some of their only known reasons, they are better than others, and they deserve much more than all the others. This belief follows them up to the moment when their expectations are lost. Only then, they realize that there are no safe ways that they can go and that they can not protect themselves from decay and disappearance. Much depends on the first steps, but also on what leads them through life. At that, sometimes a short, and sometimes a long way, they are constantly followed by a desire for something they do not have. In their insolence and greed they irretrievably lose themselves and the meaning of their existence. They want to have everything, even angels. They are constantly wondering why they do not see them, why the angels do not answer them, why they do not give any sign, why they do not hear their voices. Obsessed with them, they seek for everything and anything that associates them with them. They look for them in various forms: in people, in clouds, in the air, in the wings. They do not want to face the fact that the angels are arbitrary, dignified and exalted, and that they appear only to the chosen ones. Their voices can be heard only by those who walk dignified through life, those who do good deeds, and their signs can only be seen by those who have pure heart and pure mind. Their protection have only a wise, modest, sincere, strong, diligent, patient, noble, persistent, honest, generous and brave people. Blessed are those who can understand their messages. These messages hide many links that often lack people to interconnect, move forward, and get rid of evil. Everything in this world has its purpose, but a man often does not understand the signs and voices that reach him. From the immense noise, he can not hear silently, exalted, divine; he can not hear the voices of the angels. From the immense burden of himself, he can not see the invisible, colorless, spacious. Only when winter comes he begins to notice that pine and cypress are evergreen.
Voices of angels, author Suzana Stojanović, March 5, 2013