~ Voice of an Angel ~

There are many dimensions and wonders of God’s creation. One of those miracles we just sometimes feel, its presence gives us a sense of security, warmth, comfort, refreshment, protection. This miracle was created before anything else, and there’s nothing creator. By God’s blessings it is immortal, arbitrarily, without restraint, dignity and sublime. Its spirit is divine and its nature is sharper than a human. Its kingdom is not limited; spacious is the same as the light. In it, there are no earthly laws. Its body is bodiless, its life is timeless and its form is God’s wish: it may be a man, cloud, air. This wonder advocates for people with God. The only people with great power and sensitivity it can be seen. For some people, it is a constant companion for the road. That miracle is called an Angel. As everything in God’s creation of diverse and unique and all the Angels are not the same. They differ in glory, dignity and service. They are different and their messages they send. Blessed are those whom their messages arrive. Cervantes said that the size of the monument decreases when you move away from it, and the size of people are reduced when they are approaching. It is fatal for a man who says a lot about a little known, when many spend a little there, when outrageously expected a lot and nothing is worth. In all the arrogance and greed of man himself irretrievably lost, the meaning of their existence. He wants it all, even Angels. He keeps asking why he does not see them, why they do not appear, why they do not give some sign, why he does not hear their voice. Fascinated by the Angels, he is looking for anything and everything that reminds him of them. He does not know that Angels are arbitrary, dignified and sublime. They occur just selected: their voice can be heard only by those who walk through life with dignity, those who do good deeds; their signs can be read only by those with a pure heart and a clear mind, their protection have only a wise, humble, sincere, strong, diligent, patient, generous, persistent, honest and brave people. A man who is not bold can not be honest, because honesty are necessary sacrifices some coward does not know how to file; requires patience, which he can not understand. Some people spend their whole life in greed, arrogance, wickedness, selfishness, envy, malice, hatred, betrayal and lies. They produce sails greater than the ship, sculptures of rotting stump. Their only achievement was criticizing and underestimating the achievements of others. They create a lot of noise like a drum, and in them is endless void. From the immense noise they can not hear the quiet, sublime, divine; they can not hear the voice of an Angel. From the immense burden itself they can not see the invisible, colorless, spacious; they can not see the signs of an Angel. Everything in this world has a purpose, but one often does not understand the signs and voices that he gets. Only when winter comes one sees that the pine and cypress evergreen.
Voice of an Angel, author Suzana Stojanović, March 5, 2013