~ Young talents: painting is her love ~

Only now when the school year is over can Suzana Stojanović, one of the top three pupils at “Vuk Karadžić” school in Vranje, get some rest. This summer break will really do her good as she couldn’t rest at all during the school year. This little girl spent almost all of her time at school, primary of the school of music, either participating in many sections or preparing for numerous competitions.
And in between her regular classes and the violin a class, forgetting for a moment about the complex world of numbers and complicated mathematical rules, Suzana was taking her sketching block and colored pencils, devoting herself entirely to the world of drawings and paintings. Since the earliest childhood she was trying to draw, though not with precision, everything that surrounded her and in that way express all of her feelings.
Suzana is now fifteen and her love for painting is never-ending. On the contrary, her artistic talent is becoming more and more expressed. Numerous competitions won in this field testify to that. Suzana is at the same time the only representative of the county district of Vranje who, together with the other children with the artistic talent from the other parts of the Republic, participated in Vuk’s 13th gathering that was held in Loznica. Her immense artistic talent was shown once again. She was chosen to participate in the Pupil’s art colony which was held in Petrovac on the river Mlava from 24th-30th June.
Suzana has recently won three significant awards; two for her artistic and one for her literary work in contest the children's magazine Kekec organized under the name of “That’s brotherhood and unity”. This summer she is going to participate in two more art colonies in our county district: in Dobrejanac and Prohor Pčinjski.
- I particularly like painting portraits -
this talented girl says. I’m especially fond of Tito’s portrait, the one awarded in the contest of Kekec magazine and published in the almanac.  

Music is Suzana’s other great love. She has won significant awards in this field, too. Last year, out of twenty six compositions which were chosen for the 8th Festival of children’s creative work in the field of music, two were Suzana’s. She composed “The Yearning” and “The Indian Camp” for the violin, not hoping to be awarded. She even lost her sheet music. Fortunately, she knew her compositions by heart so everything ended well.
Suzana likes other subjects, too. She has won numerous awards for both literary work and maths. Still, she regrets the fact that like most other children of her age she doesn’t have more time for walking, playing with her friends or going out.
▪ Young talents: painting is her love (N.M., journal “Vranjske”)