~ It’s all relative ~

These are reflective poetic texts, even lyrical-meditative. This kind of literature isn’t articulated enough as a creation. It hasn't been researched enough. Many theories of literature don't even mention it. Suzana Stojanović gives them interesting name, short enigmatic stories. Enigma is their basic idea.
I’ve read them twice. Carefully. I liked them all. The author is self-centered but there is much space for the reader as well. For today’s reader, torn by a busy lifestyle and worries that dramatic time has brought, they can represent a valuable reading material.
Suzana’s got a refined sense for the man of today, for his disturbed soul. He has to be wise in order to find his way in the dark which is brought by the lights of civilization.

I think these lyrical jewels should be published.
It goes without saying that I liked “The Prince and the Beggar” as well. There are some wise teachings in it, including this one, it’s all relative.
▪ It’s all relative (Momčilo Zlatanović, PhD, the professor of literature at the University of Pedagogy and the University of Philosophy; a member of the association of Serbian writers, the Association of scientists and artists of Niš and a permanent member-assistant of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad; the author of a number of books on folk poems, dictionaries, monographs, critiques and a collector of prose folk literature)