~ Horses have soul too ~

A work of art or a photograph, that’s the first and the greatest dilemma for those who see the work of young Suzana Stojanović from Niš. Because what their eyes see looks so real as if it was “about to speak”. And yet, they are looking at the paintings that belong to hyperrealism, a movement which hardly involves any women painters all around Europe. - Hyperrealism makes it possible to go all the way to the portrait of a man or an animal comes to life, so I opted just for him - explains the artist. “The inspiration for my works I always find in nature. Horses cannot lie”, says the young artist. “They are sincere when they love, when they are furious, joyful or sad. I’ve tried to look into their soul.” - I do painting from the age of four - says Suzana Stojanović. - I got several awards at home and abroad, parents gave me basic supports, who are professors of literature, very committed to the arts. To address the young painter Suzana Stojanović arrived a few calls from abroad. People are interested in her work.
▪ Horses have soul too (Zoran Aracki, PhD, longtime journalist and Professor of Journalism and Communication at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, “Novosti”, Serbian daily newspaper)