~ As if they were alive ~

Suzana Stojanović with sure strokes applied layer upon layer of paint until she breathes life into horses that figure. “I’m speechless. This is fantastic! How in the world has she managed to depict horse hair like that?”, a young design student from Belgrade shouted spontaneously while standing in front of one of Suzana’s paintings exhibited in Geca Kon Gallery. Upon opening the exhibition in Pančevo, a famous hyperrealist Dragan Malešević Tapi wrote down his impressions: “Well done, you are a true artist; when I first saw your paintings I thought they were actual photographs. Congratulations.” All visitors are under the same impression. At first, they are in confusion, as the famous painter: whether they are ahead of them paintings or photographs. And how big Suzana’s the love of horses is, can be seen and felt in her paintings: they look like live. The finishing touch is the eye: they have a glow that makes them a crown image. Without him Suzana’s horses were just beautiful. Our interviewee admits that it is difficult to paint horses, not only because you need a good knowledge of their anatomy and movement, but also because it should reveal their soul. Technique, for which this young artist decided, oil pastel, is not an easy. “Here the colors do not mix, but repairs. It is on the card, and it is not allowed even the smallest error. First, I draw the contours on the cardboard, and then I put the paint, layer by layer, until the horse comes to life. The final move is lustering eye. So painting gets its third dimension, what photographs can not capture.” That’s been a real painting horse farm with Lipizzaner horses, ponies and Arabian horses. There is nothing unusual because its exhibitions visitors breathless.
▪ As if they were alive (journalist Mima Majstorović, magazine “Politika”, Serbian daily newspaper, published in Belgrade)