~ The challenge is to sail ~

I’ve always made a life decisions while I watched the water. Now choppy, now quiet, now blurred, now clear, now deep, now shallow, it reflects our lives and thinking. It tells the stories of many developed ships, unfavorable winds and challenges. In the multitude of the waves is always set aside one who calls us to follow him to the unknown path of the challenges and temptations. Maybe it’s not the right one wave, but sometimes it is enough that we accept the challenge and gathered the courage and strength to sail into the unknown. The challenge is to sail and not think about the depths and storms. Certainly, we can not avoid them when we move away from the mainland. It’s just important to not sink, stay on the water and sail. Only those who are sailing somewhere arrive. Sometimes sea currents take them to a deserted island, and sometimes to a dream land. Some complete their journey to the first mainland. Those, who are not sure, wait for favorable winds, and those, who know how to sail, forever remain in the water. Their whole life they have left to challenges, winds and waves. They forgot to walk and only known to sail; wherever you go you will recognize them by large sails defying storms; they know all the secrets of the sea depths and their sailing boat never sank. They are like chameleons: they can be a wave or a sunbeam. Their sails are like Daedalus wings: do not fly too high, do not fly too low. For them, all the winds are favorable. What matters to them is just to wave, something that moves the sails. For them, it is all about challenge and meeting the new temptations. The challenge is to encounter sea creatures and their gaping jaws. Our whole life is like a sailboat on the open sea, which constantly floats. Lost in the crowd waves, it is looking for a favorable wind that will take it to the right path. Different from its, favorable winds are never lost. Someone will always take the ones it misses. Someone once said that each of us needs to have a powerful behind, someone who will give him a strong boost. I never liked the powerful winds. They create large waves and swallow ships and sailboats. Some of these sailboats may be still sailing in one direction only known to them, and some may not be sailed. They would simply be reflected in the calm water. The powerful winds are just those that we choose to follow us on long sailing. They may not lead us to the right path, but along the way we’ll be ourselves and free. On that way our sails will be broken many times in the struggle with the challenge, but if we believe that we are on the right track, we will again build the new and move on. Danish proverb says that when you come out of the sea must sail or sink. And what about those who do not have the sea and likes to sail?
The challenge is to sail, author Suzana Stojanović, January 21, 2016