~ Short Stories ~

» After disappointment everything disappears

» Vardar

» Baudelaire’s Street

» Step forward

» In the trough

» Waiting for a friend

» Remorse always becomes a story

» Catch the Sun while it is still there

» Longing less pain than suffering

» Charlie and distances

» The flame at the top of the iceberg

» The language of roses

» The die is cast

» Song of the sea

» In pursuit of victims

» Invisible connection

» The truth in the mirror

» The art of dance and rhythm

» The challenge is to sail

» Lost Kingdom

» The Devil sleeps in us

» The story about the flower

» Voices of angels

» Meeting with hope

» A strange bride

» Freedom is power

» Sadness in the eyes

» Good fairies leave only once

» Friendship or something else

» Life in the clouds

» In pursuit of happiness

» The Prince and the Beggar

» People from the shadow

» On the wings of the whirlwind

» Zebras and questions

» Beyond silence

» By imagination to the truth

» Love as an inspiration

» Pride without cover

» Winner inside ourselves

» My way

» Painting of memories


Life writes strange stories, and we, the artists, painters, poets, writers and musicians, collect them while walking along its strange paths. Why do we exist? Why do we create? What’s our mission? Some artists use colors, lines, tones, stone, wood and other materials to express their experiences of life and the world, and writers use words to express their moods that are sometimes joyful and sometimes deep sorrow and pain. Regardless of the state of our spirit, we are all here to turn all that is evil into good, ugly into beautiful, to help people forget about their worries and sorrows even for a second and yield to our magic. Together we write and illustrate pages of art in which different cultures, myths and legends, views, attitudes and opinions intertwine. We often transform real facts and events into fictitious stories. We create some new, psychologically and philosophically deep, worlds. The beauty of these imaginary worlds is sometimes reflected in the richness of language, sometimes in expressed feelings and experiences, and sometimes in uniqueness and originality. By showing all of these many-sided phenomena, stories become a mirror of ideas and perceptions of an individual, an epoch or a nation. They often represent a synthesis of knowledge and experience, culture and tradition, customs and beliefs. Human tendencies toward humanistic and moral values have often encouraged many writers to create through history. Social morality is a theme of literary art from its beginnings to this day. By showing positive and negative phenomena, literature gives the man the opportunity to see himself and the world around him. The loaded layers of facts, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and moods often turn into short stories about many, deeply lived moments. Each of these short stories is a distinct world. Some of these worlds are easy to open to readers, and some are closed, enigmatic and mysterious. The charm of reading is just in the effort to discover and understand hidden meanings, allegories and symbols. Great works always leave spaces for some new research and study. In this way they provide time duration, constant actuality and lasting freshness. The creator, inspired by many sayings, short anecdotes, objects, phenomena, processes, documents, scientific writings, and sometimes fairy tales, leads all these elements into a harmonious relation, in a mutual correlation and causality, which in the reader causes curiosity and desire for discovery and new knowledge. The subject of some stories is sometimes fictitious, and sometimes the real person, whose fate inspired the author to create the work. In one of these characters, the reader finds and recognizes himself, his life and his internal conflicts. Each new sentence awakens in him thinking and reconsideration. The purpose of each of these sentences is to bring him to the idea and message. Each message carries the color of its time. Readers of different epochs in the same work find different purports and meanings. Time and human destinies are constantly changing, moving from one state of mood, feeling and situations into a new atmosphere and ambiance. Sadness, fear, trepidation and suspicion in one moment become joy, optimism, enthusiasm and happiness, and vice versa. A story without reading does not exist. It only comes alive with a reader, sometimes many years later since its creation. On long journeys through history, a man constantly came across questions that he did not receive answers. Confused before the mystery of nature and existence, he constantly strives to comprehend and connect all those unknown phenomena. From this encounter with incomprehensible and inexplicable, especially with what is far and unattainable, many texts, which expressing his state of consciousness, but also an unceasing tendency to make far and strangely closer and more comprehensible, to find explanation for some phenomena, were created. Rich libraries, created for thousands of years, left inexhaustible sources of wisdom and knowledge to mankind on their pages. In this wide array of events, happenings, times and movements, we encounter different sounds of life. Some of them bring serenity, freshness and enthusiasm, and some lead us to the conclusion that everything in this world is unstoppable and transient. The life of some people is sometimes a short novel, and sometimes a long path, composed of many stories and anecdotes. On this long path, they often come into conflict with the opinions of others, but also with oneself. These conflicts lead them to strange and unknown roads from which they sometimes do not know how to return. In those moments, the words that they did not pronounce and the pages they did not want to write are created. Unlike man, restlessness, suffering and pain always find the way. They are always there, where feelings and moods, wrath and sorrow, love and hatred are confronted. In ancient times, a man was killed because he opposed the gods and destiny, and later because he came into conflict with the world around him. Today his tragedy arises because of the conflict of his consciousness and subconscious. Pressured by ruthless reality, full of conditioning and uncertainty, overturn and unexpected acts, he runs into stories of a beautiful life and in dreams from which he is hardly waking. He is constantly obsessed with doubts, fear, desperation, feeling of confusion and hopelessness. Sometimes one word is all that it takes to change someone’s entire life, only one painting to color their world and find their way, only one poem to take back their steps and start over. Life is short and everything that surrounds us is a big enigma. At every step, temptations and surprises lurk. Each of us has many ups and downs, many joys and sorrows, but what we must never lose is hope. They say that hope dies last, but as long as we believe nothing is lost. While I’m creating, I always believe that someone somewhere far away might touch my soul in some of my paintings, in some of my short stories. I write the way I feel, without pausing. There is no introduction or conclusion in my stories; I leave that up to you. And I’ll be thrilled if I manage to help someone find their happiness, start believing in love, in them, in people. I’m going to finish with the words of Oskar Schindler: “The one who saves one life has saved the entire world.”
(Author Suzana Stojanović)