~ Heavenly world of horses ~

▪ Heavenly world of horses (Timošenko Milosavljević, journalist, satirist, humorist; longtime editor and chief editor of the National newspapers in Niš; author of several books satire, stories, drama and monographs)
Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m very pleased to say that the author of these paintings, Suzana Stojanović, prefers portraying horses to men in her drawings. Horses are still better ranked than men, mostly because a man on the horseback is considered to be successful whereas a horse on a man’s back has nothing but problems. A good horse at full gallop leaves dust behind which means that there are more roads to be paved, while people blemish, gossip and envy one another; I’ve almost forgotten about the politicians, they are always related to some affairs. So, poetically speaking, a horse is a magnificent animal which, unfortunately, isn’t in a position to choose its master or its owner. Then there are, of course, “horses with wings”, which obviously went into business with some airway companies. I have often had a chance to sense a slight feeling of helplessness in those who were constantly criticizing hyperrealism because they themselves lacked the artistic skill. In other words, instead of learning first and then giving their opinion about the learnt facts, they immediately criticize and by doing so try to hide their own imperfection. However, Suzana Stojanović with her hyperreal paintings captures the scenes at the right moment just in time for all of us to see defiance and pride, might and beauty, gentleness and wisdom. The world of horses is heavenly: God was merciful to bless us with such beauty. There are fights between roosters, dogs, bulls and men. Fights between horses don’t exist. Horses race in order to win nobly, they jump over hurdles instead of passing them by and they don’t enter through the backdoor. Horses go ahead, people lose their way. Unfortunately, horses are being killed, aren’t they? No, you don’t have to answer. It’s all clear to me.