~ Short Stories ~

» The flame at the top of the iceberg

» The language of roses

» Collectors of information

» The books of promises

» The die is cast

» Song of the sea

» In pursuit of victims

» The gallery of strangers

» Invisible connection

» The truth in the mirror

» The art of dance and rhythm

» The challenge is to sail

» Lost Kingdom

» The Devil sleeps in us

» A call at midnight

» The story about the flower

» Voice of an Angel

» Meeting with hope

» A strange bride

» Freedom is power

» Sadness in the eyes

» When gone good fairies are forever lost

» Friendship or something else

» Life in the clouds

» In pursuit of happiness

» The Prince and the Beggar

» People from the shadow

» On the wings of the whirlwind

» Zebras and questions

» Beyond silence

» By imagination to the truth

» Love as an inspiration

» Pride without cover

» Winner inside ourselves

» My way

» Paintings of memories


Life writes strange stories and we, the artists, painters, poets, writers and musicians, collect them while walking along its strange paths. Why do we exist? Why do we create? What’s our mission? We are here to turn all that is evil into good, ugly into beautiful, to help people forget about their worries and sorrows even for a second and yield to our magic. Sometimes one word is all that it takes to change someone’s entire life, only one painting to color their world and find their way, only one poem to take back their steps and start over. Each of us has many ups and downs, many joys and sorrows, but what we must never lose is hope. They say that hope dies last, but as long as we believe nothing is lost. While I’m creating, I always believe that someone somewhere far away might touch my soul in some of my paintings, in some of my short stories. I write the way I feel, without pausing. There is no introduction or conclusion in my stories; I leave that up to you. And I’ll be thrilled if I manage to help someone find their happiness, start believing in love, in them, in people. I’m going to finish with the words of Oskar Schindler: “The one who saves one life has saved the entire world.”
(Author Suzana Stojanović)