~ Beyond silence ~

Since the beginning of the world there has been an enigma, except that man had always been looking for it, but had never found it. It is present everywhere, but it’s hard to reach its chambers. It’s guarded by deep waters, dense forests and profound thoughts. Everything important began with it: architecture, philosophy, sculpture. It is, at the same time, the strongest roar, and the only thing which stops when its name is spoken. The name of it is Silence. Everything is unknown beyond it. All the depths in nature are silent, as are all the profound feelings in man: love, faith, courage, persistence. Even the greatest pain is not great enough if it is revealed on our faces or if it is heard. For centuries, man has found silence in faith and prayers, philosophers in philosophy, artists in art. The great orators were turned towards the sea during their speech, looking for inspiration in the silence of that place. How can we find, in life and speech, a secret thread which will lead us along the entangled paths of our passion to silence? Do we have enough strength to resist our greatest enemies, thrills and passion? Or, are we afraid of silence and its undiscovered paths, its sparkle that has often lit our soul, its ominous stillness which has brought us tough days? And just when we think that we have found it, we are uneasy and curious again, we wonder what’s beyond it. Maybe that is the end, torn down sacred monuments which we have worshiped, demolished cities which we have been building for centuries. We will always long for silence as we do for light and air, even though we, ourselves, destroy it most. Our uncontrollable passion leads us to the unknown, uncertainty, and into redemption. By making the poison, we always poison ourselves first. Out of our careless words, enemies and unease are born. It’s already been said that honesty doesn’t mean always telling what’s on your mind. It actually means that everything you don’t think should be left unspoken. You should rush slowly into silence. And quietly, if we say its name it will stop. There will be unknown world beyond it.
Beyond silence, author Suzana Stojanović, February 12, 2007