~ People from the shadow ~

Since the beginning of time there has been a conflict between men, lions, dogs and roosters that always ends after one side loses its strength. There is one conflict that never ends - the one between good and evil. Man discovered it ages ago, probably out of boredom. People liked it so much that they nurtured it to this very day. There are people who don't want the rest of the world to know they take part in it. Those are the people from the shadow. Sometimes they are just ordinary people, people who we know and the ones we don't know, and sometimes powerful men who have never been seen, living legends only heard of, concealed from the world in their kingdom of good or evil. They lurk quietly under the moonlight, think, judge, observe. And all of them, more or less, create the future of our civilization. We often wonder how and why something happened, who changed our lives, our future. Maybe it's someone from your neighbourhood, someone you wake up with, someone you often went out with to the nearest café, or maybe someone you have never met but someone who wanted to know everything about you. People from the shadow see and hear all and their main occupation is to preserve the existence of good and evil at any cost, even if they lose their lives over it. They easily reach their aim by passing through when we are sound asleep, but we are the ones who give them power by feeding them with our sincere wishes and secrets. We work, they just take credit for our labour, and without a sound, they make decisions about our insignificant lives. People from the shadow lurk into our lives, into our dreams. Those bad ones wait patiently for our first false move like snakes at the bottom of the ocean then they silently emerge and pull us to the bottom, to their kingdom of darkness. The good ones illuminate the path for us, and we think it has been a stroke of luck. They say that happiness is only for the brave; I say that it is both for the brave and the wise. It's sad that more and more people are turning bad. Even the sun started running away to avoid their enormous shadow. Even the good ones, who until recently have helped the hard-workers achieve more started to work. It's probably the only thing they have left. It's high time we ran away from boredom. Otherwise, we are going to become a part of the shadow.
People from the shadow, author Suzana Stojanović, February 17, 2007