~ In pursuit of happiness ~

An old Arabic proverb says that there are two kinds of people: those who can be happy, but they aren’t and those who look for happiness, but never find it. Are we to look for happiness or it comes to us when we least expect it? Happiness and misfortune always go into the same direction, closely and alongside. They pass each other during our entire life; they intertwine and separate. And man, in all that chaos is always rushing in pursuit of happiness, sometimes even without knowing what he is looking for. He observes other people, looks back on seeing them and their happiness while turning his back to his own. With that tremendous desire to have what others do and to want what others do, he forgets about himself and doesn’t know how to live on what he has already got, even though he’s got plenty: a wonderful kingdom on this beautiful Earth of ours in which he can create, love, smile, sing and jump; the kingdom in which he can steal a gust of wind, rays of the sun and sea waves, without being told a word; the kingdom in which gods gave him the power to create the works worthy of describing. Yet, man spends his days in pursuit and playing lottery, while life, being given to him only once, irreversibly passes by him and disappears into the fog of wishes. And he’s never as unhappy as he thinks he is or as happy as he hoped he would be. He persistently seeks the hidden treasure and curiously pokes his nose into other people’s lives searching for the source of their happiness. Even Epimetheus and Pandora lived happily until curiosity stirred Pandora’s mind and led her to unlock the marvelous box ornamented with jewels and golden decorations out of which all the troubles and suffering of human beings suddenly started coming out. Hope, which came out from the box last, like a small bird, represented not only a sign of consolation to humanity, but also a warning that happiness is precious and rare and that it should be kept. A moment of happiness wipes away all the days of torment in us and helps us move on again. If people knew how little it takes to be happy, they would avoid the worst moments in life. We will realize whether we were happy or not only when some misfortune happens. So, before you go in pursuit for it, check, maybe you’re already happy. Happiness is small, ordinary and unobtrusive and many aren’t able to see it. All that we need to achieve it is within ourselves.
In pursuit of happiness, author Suzana Stojanović, April 23, 2007