~ Love or a game ~

Life, the biggest of all miracles, often surprises us when we least expect it. It awakens mischievous spirits in us, restless waves in our soul and the noblest weakness of our mind called Love. And we sail across its calm seas until Eros has a hand in it and takes us on his golden wings, with an arrow through our hearts, into the sky - to powerful Aphrodite and her fragrant gardens, where pigeons play in the shadows of roses in full bloom, where love speaks and reason is silent. Is love really love if it's not deep and passionate, if it's not a foolish act and a game - the one that can hurt us, but that can also take us along the way of complete happiness? Great love needs great players as well, those who are ready to come to grips with every temptation that awaits them on that long way, the players that are moderate in what they've found to be good, those who don't muddy the spring which they drink water from, who can keep secrets, the players that know when they should stop, because even happiness gets tired if carries someone on its back long. Only great players know how to get a kiss without being left without it, they know how to play the game in which there will be no distrust, because they know that distrust is an axe in the tree of love. Love is a game that needs patience. Only those who can wait gradually get it all. Love is a game that needs courage to see the world the way we want to. It is a game that needs renunciation. We rarely think about what we have and almost always of what we don't have. The magic of true love is in the fact that we don't know it will end. Those who think that love is temporary have never loved. Even if we don't get what we want out of love, it can be a marvelous burst of happiness; maybe some new challenge, maybe some new game because we always love more something we win with effort. If in a game we follow love too much it will run away; if we sometimes hide from it, even for a second, it will look for us. The game of love will last for as long as there are waves at its sea and tenderness on its shores; for as long as we remember with a smile on our face what should have been endured, for as long as we don't know why we love, for as long as we keep and protect love against everything, even against the truth that can kill it. As we become aware of the true taste of water only in a desert, we become aware of love only when we lose it. Are we worthy enough of a great and sincere love so that we can allow ourselves to lose it because of our caprices? Is love real if it doesn't forgive those who make mistakes out of fear not to make a mistake? Is love only a game with no winner?
Love or a game, author Suzana Stojanović, April 7, 2007