~ Friends forever ~

Even then when you think that everything is silent in you, when silence is the only friend, one word from far away changes your life forever. Maybe it is because you wanted that so much, maybe because you were just dreaming about it that very night, maybe because someone out there wants and longs for the same thing. In just one moment you are born again and start to grow, conceived just from one very simple, sincere, warm and forgotten word. Again you are wide awake from a long dream and you think that you are still sleeping and a tear stops in your eye one early summer morning. Yes, it is true that there exists someone, still brave to love, to share and to want, still brave to dream: my friend. I won't say your name because you know that I am writing only to you. I will not tell you thank you since you know that every my word, deep and true, is the biggest gratitude for every smile on my face, for my long time forgotten dreams, dreamed once again, for every morning full of hope. You are so far away and you are so close in the same time. Whenever I need you - you are there, in my heart, patient and kind, brave and mindful. You hear me. You see me. Only you know the secret of the right word in the right moment and when you are silent - you say many things, you give a lot. Only you know how to take me to that long trip, into one unknown world where the stars are always seen. I hear you in every music we share, I see you in every our distant city we walk. And I know that something indestructible exists, something untouchable - you and me, friends forever. I love every sunrise because I know that you are in it, I love every sunset because I know that I will be dreaming our dreams. And I have strengths, lots of strengths for the impossible. And I can, can do everything. One warm summer morning gave me you, gift that cannot be bought. I am giving you these words from the very bottom of my heart that will beat forever for you and your happiness.
Friends forever, author Suzana Stojanović, July 18, 2006