~ We will always be together when the guitar is playing ~

They say that fairy tales are only for those who believe in them. When once in your lifetime you find yourselves in a fairy tale, then it really takes you a long time to come back. I simply don't want much time to pass; I want to tell it while it still lasts, to steal that jewel from life that doesn't happen twice. In these early hours, while the guitar is playing, I'm trying to write a fairy tale about you and me, but there aren't many words. I'm searching for them somewhere in our kingdom, but they keep running away, keep hiding. And I don't know if I'm happy or sad, I don't know if I'm frightened. I only hear my heart beating in the rhythm of the guitar and our souls breathing and uniting while it is playing. I feel that you're with me even while you're dreaming. I hear you while you are silent. I see you disappearing round our corner while it's snowing. As my eyes are filling with tears I'm looking for words that are worthy only of you but they don't exist. My entire kingdom is reflected in your sad eyes. I live for their sparkle. I wanted to whisper "I love you" so many times, but just saying "I love you" is not enough, so little can be done in this world to show my emotions to you. Even my paintings and this fairy tale of ours in the world in which fairy tales don't exist for a long time aren't enough. I miss you so much, I'm afraid to see you. You glow so much. I'm looking for builders to build the way to the place where stars are being born. You are so tender. I'm looking for the softest silk for your steps. You feel so much, I've spelt my pearls to illuminate the traces of your soul. The strength of my emotions makes me so helpless that I wish to run away from them, from you, even though I know that each new dawn is going to have your name. And I don't want to know if our fairy tale will last, I don't want to know what will happen tomorrow. I only want to stop this moment in which our pure souls unite while the guitar is playing. I only want to stop your look while you're looking at "Always together" and the horses that bathe in the purple sunset. And I know that we will always be together there where we have left our traces. Our souls will tremble like soft strings while some new fairy tales are being created. Look for me while the guitar is playing, when sadness oppresses your heart and I will always be here, beside you, the jewel in your crown, a ray of your sun, a white cloud in your blue sky, a river in your mountain, peace in your unrest.
We will always be together when the guitar is playing, author Suzana Stojanović, March 20, 2007